The Murano glass chandeliers have always been considered masterpieces of the Venetian art, created following the only possible criterion: the quality. Chandeliers, sconces, ceiling lights, ... everything is customizable in both form and materials: some are glass paste, color "in fogo", chalcedony, opal, aventurine and watermarks. The classic Murano chandelier is made usually by rich colored and festive design elements: the floral metal frame is covered by glass and richly decorated with flowers and leaves in transparent or colored glass.

Murano Lighting - expression of unrivaled quality  

Murano glass lighting

Murano chandeliers are not a mere decorative object, but are the subject of a fine creative journey that starts from the study of location and ends with only one possible outcome: unforgettable emotions that accompany you forever every day in your home.


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Professional Space Planning - Carefully considered space planning is crucial to a well-designed space and a standard practice with our service. After all the measurements have been taken we will develop floor plans for each room. Floor plans allow us to determine what pieces will best fit into the space, how it is arranged, and the scale of each piece.


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