From the stately splendor of France to the mythical Orient, our stemware services, vases, chandeliers, jewelry and perfume bottles have graced the courts of many kings. Carved from the purest crystal and sparkling with tradition and modernity, our pieces are fashioned and decorated with breathtaking flair. Baccarat designs come close to reaching the pinnacle of beauty and perfection.

Baccarat - Tampa Bay, FL

Baccarat: creativity and excellence throughout the ages

Baccarat's legendary story began in 1764. As custodians of the Baccarat art de vivre, we have become synonymous with exquisite pieces, magnificent locales and unforgettable celebrations over the past 250 years.  For more on Baccarat products see: Lighting and Home Decor


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"Once you’ve begun to dream about a room, images aren’t enough. Our expertly curated showroom will help complete your vision and leave you brimming with new ideas. "


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